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Jupiter Pizza & Waffle Co.


We are a small group of friends and family who have been cooking together for many years and are very passionate about serving good, healthy food. We particularly love burgers and crepes and we spend a lot of our time researching and perfecting our ingredients and recipes.

Our number one rule is making everything from scratch with the best possible ingredients we can find. This means NO pre-packaged or frozen stuff, no hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified ingredients either. We love to cook with local, organic, and humanely sourced ingredients and our goal is to deliver high quality food to your plate, fresh every time, from the farm and the field to your table.

We like to think of burgers and crepes as very healthy foods, the secret is choosing the right ingredients. Lean, organic grass fed beef, cage-free chicken, roaming buffalo, wild elk or salmon patties are awesome and lean sources of protein.